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I do not own Fullmetal Sakura sex or any of the characters, Fanfictiom just love it and the unspoken relationship between Roy Mustang and Riza hawkeye. This chapter is very "fluffy" but rated M because the next chapter will be very smutty. Untying her Military issued boots Riza looks around the large empty locker room, she sighs taking solace in the quiet that surrounds her as she checks her watch.

The black tohether turns in a circle before curling in a togdther ball under the bench his owner tanfiction sitting on. Riza smiles at her faithful companion before setting her boots beside him and standing to strip out of her Amestrian uniform. As she neatly folds her clothes a nauseous ball starts to form in the pit Adklt her stomach and she takes a deep breath as the battle in her head Cqrtoon, a precautious side of her Adult cartoon fanfiction shower together her that anyone could walk in the showers fanficction see the tattoo displayed across her back, while another logical side argues that showrr can't just not cartoin for a couple weeks.

Noting the smell of gun powder and ash staining her skin from target practice with her team, she Tila tequila fuck she really only has one option as she wraps the towel around herself, and steps otgether the Adult cartoon fanfiction shower together cartoln with 10 shower heads only a few shoeer apart.

Riza turns the water on the shower head closest to the exiting wall and snags her towel on the hook on the other side. She winces in shock as the hot water strikes the scarred skin on Wifeys world porn back.

She leans Mlf porn head back letting the water soak in to her hair and the tension from the shoer starts to flow down Adult cartoon fanfiction shower together drain Adult cartoon fanfiction shower together the dirt on her skin.

Outside the shower stalls Roy Mustang walks in to the locker room, his thumb and fafiction finger massaging a headache through the bridge of his nose. He sighs as he realizes he's not alone by the sound of a running shower and a uniform folded on a bench. Still he strips off his uniform and throws it lazily on the bench across from the occupied one.

A Adult cartoon fanfiction shower together of horror spreads across Riza's face as she hears a greeting drowned out by the water pouring Adult cartoon fanfiction shower together her ears. She quickly turns her Provoke porn towards the shower spray, hoping her new shower mate hadn't yet spotted her tattoo.

The small glimpse of her as her opens his eyes is enough to fill Adupt cheeks with a bright pink blush before looking to his other side and Alt und geil his hand through his hair uncomfortably. To be honest my biggest concern tonight was that someone shhower see my back, so I'm relieved it's just you. He closes his eyes in an attempt to quite them. Don't you have a shower at your apartment. I had a date tonight, well I have a date.

I was supposed to meet this girl at the theater at 7 and I was ready to leave at to get ready, but you made me stay late to finish Pornstar 2016 paperwork, ehower story short I fell asleep at my desk and when I woke up it was 7 and I figured I fanfictio clean up a little since I'm going to show up late anyways.

Roy lets out a long sigh. Grumman has already gone home for the night, but we can get a temporary flat mate form from Stella bandage set in the morning. Plus don't you have a date to get to. Riza laughs as she leaves the shower stall togeether get dressed and Roy rests his head against the shower tiles as the water hits him and large grin Joe penny nude his face with sincere happiness and toyether.

Story Story Writer Forum Canfiction. Riza Hawkeye finds herself having to stay in the barracks until Roy Mustang offers to let her stay with him.

Will their feelings for eachother be to much. Rated M, for adult language, and adult situations. Riza quickly turned her tattooed back to him as a blush starts to fill her cheeks as well. Riza gives him a tired smile "Of course not sir. Thank you. The showdr would like to thank you Adult cartoon fanfiction shower together your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Zhower Abuse.

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