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The game lets you challenge other players around the world in a board game and defeat them to show your strategies. It also has the capability to be played over an AppleTalk network. Fortunately, the land is rich in natural resources. This list was just what I was looking for. The gameplay comprises two different phases such as the Rail Phase and the Canal Phase. Diplomacy Game map. The second is that it remains hidden to the opponent unless the submarine attacks or the opponent moves directly onto the same grid unit as the submarine. It is for 2 to 5 players, and it takes minutes to play. They are available for children of all ages.

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Form alliances and unhatch your traitorous plots as you negotiate and outwit— in a delicate balance of cooperation and competition— to gain dominance of the continent. BoardGameGeek Rating: 6. There are two types of cards Infection cards and Player cards , Six Research Stations, and four different colors of cubes for each player. No need for hardcore wargames to access great maps.

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Measured by playable grid units, the player s can choose a map that is small 48 x 32 , medium 96 x 64 , or large x When controlled by either player, Cities can produce military units. The top and sides of the map do not 'wrap around ', i.

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Imagine Media. Through customization features, the player create and customize his profile to interact with other players and can compete against them to show off his power. The game is available to play on iOS and Android platform with multiple international languages.

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I doubt whether you have either the patience or mental focus to play Kreigspiele though. Try finding the sales of board games then come back to me. With addictive gameplay, exciting features, different modes and superb visuals, Pandemic: The Board Game is the wonderful game to play and enjoy. The world map contains islands that are randomly generated. The players then alternate turns. You build roads and new settlements that eventually become cities. The Scientist needs only 4 cards of a particular disease to cure it instead of the normal 5. Let us know what games you would add to the list, by leaving a comment below:. The game offers classic board gameplay and lets you select your powerful Mage Knights from one of four and explore the universe of the game under the control of the Atlantean Empire.

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Downloads Support Community Development. Help Login Register. Advanced Search. Looking for game similar to Empire, Strategic Conquest, Xconq Join Date Jan Posts I am looking for an up-to-date take on the turn-based games cnoquest Empire, Strategic Conquest, Xconq, etcetera.

They're all very limited in graphics and don't support armies of units moving per turn but they've been continually updated to maintain playability and yes, they're actively maintained with periodic improvements and changes. Angband Games like strategic conquest the basic game in which different dungeon levels are text-based.

Fangband and others alter the Games like strategic conquest rules and often conques grids where each cell is a graphic. Create a wiki page for future personal reference. Learn something new. Attended a computing event. Post and Share. Originally Posted by tsu2. The sources appear old, last updated in strategoc, but Xconq seems to be Games like strategic conquest closest consuest what I'm looking for.

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Barter trade dominates the scene. A carrier moving into a city and out again will bring fighters and helicopters in the city with it till capacity. Instead of luck of dice or cards, players must rely on their strategic abilities.

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There's no video for Strategic Conquest yet. The game allows the player to create his own city, build the longest roads and create armies to defend his city. A bomber is not an effective combatant outside of the use of its bomb and is vulnerable to being shot down.

9 Games like Command and Conquer

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