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Digimon Collectors Christmas Special Card. Digimon World Digital Monster Ver. Main article: Augumons Fusion. I'll be glad if anyone want to help, not only you help me, but you also help everyone that need to complete their Digimon chart in the Digimon World Game. Bandai Games Digimon Adventure. Main articles: Augumons Fusion and Agumon Adventure. It possesses the Powerful 1 trait. Koromon digivolves from Botamon , and digivolves to Agumon , or Betamon , in order to digivolve to Koromon, your Digimon must wait for 1 hour. If chosen as your partner, he can be found wild in Data Forest.

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Main article: Koromon Adventure. In order to degenerate into Koromon, your Digimon must be at level 3. It is a tiny Digimon that shed the fuzz covering its surface, and whose body grew even bigger. Prior forms.

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Sleeps at pm. A Koromon is one of the Digimon locked up in cages in the Digi-Market for prospective hackers to look to buy. Agumon digivolves from Koromon and can digivolve into Greymon or GeoGreymon.

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Don't have an account? Its attacks are:. Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode [6].

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Digimon Collectors. Taichi and Koromon. This section of the article is a stub. Digimon World Digital Monster Ver. What do you need help on? Digital Monster. It is also a being that foretells Digivolution to a great and powerful Digimon.

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Koromon is the partner of Yagami Taichi. Additionally, a Koromon Koromon digivolve was the first place visited by the Chosen Children upon arrival at the Server Continentand by the year Taichi's son has also partnered with a Koromon.

Koromon is the partner of Daimon Masaru. Koromon is the partner of Tatsuno Tsurugi. Koromon is an obtainable Digimon in Digimon World and evolves from Botamon after 6 in-game hours have passed, with no necessary conditions required. Koromon evolves after 24 Koromon digivolve hours have passed and has 3 different evolution choices digivolvve can be achieved by clearing these Koromon digivolve requirements:. Evolves from Botamon.

Can evolve to Agumon or Betamon. May evolve to Agumon at level 11 or Tyranomon by Card Evolution. Koromon is a playable Digimon partner. Evolves from Botamon and can evolves to Agumon. Can be chosen as one of the three partner Digimon from the beginning digivoove the game.

If chosen Koromon digivolve your partner, he can be found digivolvs in Data Forest. Koromon is Digimon and it's a Baby II-class Balance-class Dragon species with a resistance to the Fire element and a weakness to the Earth element. It possesses the Powerful 1 trait.

It dwells Amy christine dumas nude the Limit Valley.

Koromon can evolve into Agumon or Dot Agumon. In order Koromon digivolve degenerate into Koromon, your Digimon must be at level 3 or higher. Evolves from NyokimonBotamonMokumon or Yuramon. It can also be obtained as a collectible card. Can evolve to Va vs ipsGabumon or Betamon. Evolves from Botamon after 10 minutes of hatching. Sleeps at pm. Jump to: navigationsearch. It can produce bubbles from its mouth to intimidate opponents.

Digimon Reference Book. This profile matches its partner in the Digimon Reference Book. Digimon Life. Koromon digivolve Monster. Digimon Mini. Digivice iC. Digivice Burst. The large mouth is its charm point. Toei Animation Digimon Adventure. It can produce Awa from its mouth to intimidate opponents. Bandai Games Digimon Adventure. Although it is small, its vigor resembles that of a dragon-species Digimon. Digimon World Digital Monster Ver. WonderSwan Digital Monster Ver. S Digimon Masters.

Page Discussion. View Edit History. Google AdSense. This page was last modified on 30 Octoberat About Wikimon Disclaimers. Virtual Pets. Video Games. Bandai Games. Digimoji :. Year Active. C'mon Digimon. Digital Monster Ver. Baby II. Virus Busters. Min Weight. Contents 1 Attack Techniques Tori allover30 Evolution 2. Digital Monsters 3.

WonderSwan 3. Spits out bubbles from its mouth. San no Gay fantasy porn. Acid Bubbles. Frothy Spit. Poyoyon Tackle. Soft Koromkn. Tackles its opponent. Taichi and Koromon digivolve. Digimon Collectors. Digital Monster Ewa sonnet and ines cudna Artbook Ver.

Digimon Adventure. Digimon Adventure Movie Lineart. Digimon World. WonderSwan battle. Digimon Adventure D1 Tamers battle. Digimon Adventure D1 Tamers Gay kino bremen. Digimon RPG.

Digital Monster: D-Project. Digimon Story battle. Digimon Story map. Digimon Championship. Digimon World Re:Digitize icon. Digimon Masters. Digimon Collectors Card. Digivollve Collectors Christmas Special Card. Digimon Collectors EX Card. Digimon Collectors RE Card. Elastigirl bondage Collectors RE-2 Card.

Illustration for the Digimon Web Official Twitter. Digivice Ver.


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Agumon digivolves to Greymon and Centarumon. Agumon serves as Mameo 's first opponent, when he enters Native Forest. Main article: Koromon ReArise.

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Poyoyon Tackle. ToyAgumon , Hackmon , and Dracomon. Main article: Agumon Cyber Sleuth.

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