Wysh List: If Kloppo thinks we have a shot. If Bayern didn't shit their pants at the start of the season nobody would talk about us bottling the title chance, instead the conversation would be about how well we secured 2nd place without much fear of not getting it, despite a new coach and losing key players yet again.

The reason these games are talked about so much when it's us this year is that Bayern performed worse than usual, so suddenly everyone expected Dortmund to win the league. Why women's hockey players are refusing to play professionally The athletes are continuing to fight for infrastructure in the sport. Dortmund are quite inexperienced, outside of a chosen few Reus, Gotze, etc.

On the other hand, Frankfurt can still finish anywhere from a CL spot to not even making Europa League, so they'll also fight against Bayern. Oder relaxt einfach mit einem Drink an unserer Bar und geniesst die Karibik direkt vor eurer Haustür!