He gives the pep talks in the locker rooms deciding on whether or not to get the player pumped up for the game, focused, physical or tactical. I think you should try Coventry or AFC Wimbledon both lower division teams with a lot of potential in their squad. Fans should be chanting different things, etc.

Sports Potent and versatile pace attack holds key to India's WC fortunes Games Guru has pro tips to change up your game.

They start with TONS of transfer money, but not enough wage money to secure top talents. I mean the team has potential players such as Mason, Bentaleb, Caroll, Kane, Davies, Dier… The first two seasons were not easy but after signin Jovetic upfront alongside Benteke and Kane, i can now boast in cofidence and infact the funds increased upto From here you can either hire new scouts or use existing ones to look for players to sign.