JAL will continue to support efforts to realize the first private moon landing and surface probe while blazing a trail in establishing new business avenues on the moon and in space travel. Track and analyze the location and flow of your assets and staff to reduce search times, optimize asset utilization and overall performance. A Medical Scheduling Software improving medical practice management and patient appointment scheduling for physicians.

The benefit of having a USB powered beacon is that replacing the battery becomes a non issue so long as the USB supply powering the beacon is on and functioning. Streamline company-wide scheduling and sustain compliancy using our self-service mobile app for hourly workers in the medical field. What you need, right when you need it to process transactions over the phone or in person.

JAL will continue to embrace new challenges in developing new products and services so that all of our lounge guests can enjoy a comfortable and memorable time before departing. Beautiful Websites Provide everything you need on the website to attract new players to your club, including the simplicity of membership signups and control of registration. Beacon marketing platform Beacon software to fuel your content management system CMS and monitor campaign analytics.