Look under Normal Lenses for a review. Finally, although the 24 PC-E has a remarkable flat field and superb image quality even wide open, it does have barrel distortion that becomes very evident when the lens is focused towards its 21 cm near limit. Lateral CA isn't very obvious, much less so than with the older AF version, but you can observe slight vestiges of it on the D2X.

I'm lukewarm and have no immediate plans of purchasing one for myself, although my aim of owning each and every Micro-Nikkor conflicts a little with this decision. If you accept a slighly lower transmission, its range extends all the way from to nm.

This short macro lens is equipped with microscope threads and targeted for use on a bellows or photomacrographic camera. Probably because of its single coating and the non-complex optics , UV response is adequate. This is probably due to the fact that the Ultra-Micro never was designed for general close-up photography, witnessed by its Leica thread mount, lack of focusing mechanism, and short back focal distance of